Southern Region Water Board

On Thursday the the 31st of August 2023 the Deputy Minister of Water and Sanitation Honorable Liana Chapota engaged in a two day tour of SRWB projects to appreciate the progress of works. The tour lead her to visit the intake, treatment plant and tank at Nkhudzibay and the new water sources in Liwonde.

During her tour the Honorable minister stated her excitement about the project’s stating that the two are a good step towards ensuring access to portable water for all and leaving no one behind. She further commended the Board’s resilience to complete the project’s regardless of the hiccups both projects had faced on the way.

The Kuwait funded Nkhudzibay project in Mangochi begun in February 2021 and is currently at the final stages of completion as the remaining works only involve completing the laying of the distribution pipes. On his part the Board Chairman Mr. Brown Mpinganjira assured citizens of Mangochi who had already been connected to have running taps on Monday, the 4th of September 2023.

On the other hand, the Liwonde High Yielding Solar Power Boreholes is currently operational with one pump in use. Remaining works include connecting the solar panels and installation of the second pump.