Southern Region Water Board
SRWB Engages Domasi Community On Quarry Rocks Survey

In a proactive step towards community engagement and project transparency, the SRWB team conducted sensitisation meetings on February 16th, 2024, in Kanongole village, Domasi, followed by a visit to Mipesa village on Monday February 19th. These pivotal gatherings were attended by esteemed community leaders, including Member of Parliament Grace Kwelepeta and Senior Chief Malemia, alongside active participation from the local community.

Hon. Grace Kwelepeta and community leaders listen to SRWB presentation

The primary objective of these sessions was to apprise the residents of the ongoing research initiative undertaken by SRWB. The focus of this research revolves around the meticulous assessment of various rock formations within the area in order to identify and secure suitable quarry rocks essential for the construction of a new dam in Domasi, a critical component of the Zomba Alternative Sources project.

SMEC consultant explains the survey process

The comprehensive survey entails an in-depth analysis of rock types and their inherent suitability for dam construction. Equally vital is the evaluation of potential environmental impacts stemming from quarry sourcing, including considerations for natural resources, agricultural lands, and local settlements. Moreover, the research aims to underscore the benefits that the project will bring to the community at large.

SRWB Environmental Officer explains projects likely impacts

These interactive meetings provided an invaluable platform for SRWB to engage directly with community members, fostering an environment of openness and dialogue. By actively addressing concerns and queries, the Board aimed to cultivate a sense of ownership and collaboration among residents. This proactive approach ensures that community perspectives are integral to the project’s decision-making process, laying a solid foundation for sustainable development and mutual prosperity.

SRWB Team in Mipesi