Southern Region Water Board

You can apply for a new connection simply dowloading pdf or filling and submitting the form below.


I/We hereby apply for a Water Connection to the undernoted property with the Boards By –laws and tariff. I/We understand that the event of the connection being provided the conditions governing its use will be those contained in the By-laws (as may from time to time be amended), and I/We undertake to responsible for payment of water charges properly chargeable in respect of this connection, in accordance with Boards Tariff of charges.

step 1
My particulars are as follows
Step 2
particulars of the consumer who will be responsible for water charges:
Step 3
particulars of connection required as follows:
Purpose of water supply :

Estimated Monthly Consuption:
Plumbing Contractor :
Step 4
particulars of the location where the connection is required are as follows: